Price Match Request Terms 


Customers may request a price match from Sony against the price being offered by another retailer for the same product, subject to these terms (“Terms”).   In these Terms “Sony” means Sony Australia Limited (Australian purchases) or Sony New Zealand Limited (NZ purchases).  


1.    Price match request is available for new Sony products sold by Sony that appear with the:

a)    “Request a Price Match” button on their product page (online purchases at (Australian purchases) or (NZ purchases); or 

b)    where indicated by Sony Staff (in store purchases at Sony stores in Australia and NZ).  

Products made available for price match are at Sony’s discretion and may change frequently.

2.    Sony may in its discretion choose to offer a price match for a current Sony product sold by Sony against a competing qualifying product (as defined below) when requested by a customer.   Requests may be eligible for a price match if the below criteria are met.  Sony will consider each case and communicate its result. This is not a price match guarantee. See this page for details on how to request a price match online or instore.  Criteria:

a)    the product you are asking Sony to price match must be identical to the one being sold by Sony, including matching brand, model number and colour (“Qualifying Product”);

b)    the Qualifying Product must be in stock and available for sale (or available for pre-order online or in store) at a qualifying retailer (“Qualifying Retailer”).   A Qualifying Retailer means:

i)    local retailers in Australia and NZ (including their online sales); and

ii)    marketplace sellers in Australia and NZ that source genuine Sony products; and

c)    the Qualifying Product must not involve one or more Exclusions, see below at end of these Terms for Exclusions.  Exclusions may be updated from time to time. 

3.    Other terms applicable to price match requests:

a)    Sony requires reasonable evidence to verify the price that the price match is being sought for.   This may include a link to the advertisement, or a photo of the advertisement. The price must be current on the day of request and available to purchase (in stock) at that price; 

b)    Price match may apply to multiple quantities of the same product at time of request to the limit set by Sony if the price match is offered (for example, if customer would like to purchase multiple quantities of the same product at the price match amount, Sony will indicate how many can be purchased at the price match price); and

c)    Australian purchases: We match on in store prices and in-store prices on  New Zealand purchases:  We match on in store prices and in-store prices on

d)    Price Match may not be valid in conjunction with any other offer or coupon.  Check with Sony customer support (online purchases) or Sony stores in Australia or NZ at the time of making your price match request. 

4.    If Sony approves the customer’s price match request the below terms apply.  If Sony does not approve the customer’s price match request the customer will be informed of this.  Terms that apply where price match is approved: 

a)    Online purchases from (Australia) or (New Zealand purchases):

i)    if price match is approved it will remain valid in the customer’s cart for the timeframe indicated by the Sony customer service team.

ii)    If customer chooses not to proceed with the sale within this time period, the price match price for the product will no longer apply and the price in the customer’s cart will revert to the current price for the product at (Australia) or (New Zealand) at the time the price match expires.

iii)    If a customer removes a product subject to an approved price match from their cart, the product cannot later be added to the customer’s cart at the earlier price match price.

b)    In store purchases:  if Sony approves the customer’s price match request, it will remain valid for the time period indicated by the Sony Store staff member.  If the customer does not complete sale within this time period, the price match price will no longer apply.

5.    These Terms are governed by the laws of Australia (Australian purchases from Sony) and New Zealand (New Zealand purchases from Sony). 



Current as at 1 November 2023

1.    Commercial quantities and pricing (price reduced due to volume or association).
2.    Stock Liquidations (goods sold by a business placed into receivership – closing down clearances).
3.    Prices where items are part of a package or bundle (Example: TV and Soundbar package, Sony will not match just the Soundbar at the reduced package price).
4.    Corporate offers where a valid account is necessary for eligibility or corporate (B2B) pricing or quotes. 
5.    Price / advertising errors (technical issues, misquotes, or listings which are suspected to be incorrect).
6.    Parallel Import or Grey Market distributors.
7.    Interest free and finance offers where payment method is part of the price reduction.
8.    Offers and promotions where points make up payment.
9.    Seconds, refurbished or ex demo stock.
10.    Prices which Sony suspects are incorrect or are significantly below market / cost pricing.

The above exclusions may not cover all situations.  Other exclusions may apply and will be notified to you at the time of your request if applicable.